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Nadir NasirUX Specialist, Designer, Consultant and Front-end Developer

I think up out-of-the-box creative design ideas and translate them into usable, clean, efficient and standard compliant web and user interface designs — striving to find the balance between a conventional design and an artistically creative idea.

10+ years of fun-filled experience designing web and mobile interfaces and hand-coding entire websites, all the while thinking from my user’s perspective. Or… in some rather “to-date” terminologies, I am a UI Designer and Front-end Developer with core speciality being User Experience.

Alongside my professional advancement, I have always been keen to learn as much as I can in order to master new challenges and enhance my skills. With the combination of self-learning and formal education and trainings, I have been able to gain a unique advantage over most in the industry.

Skills & Education

Short Summary of Education, Training and Skills

During the past decade I have managed to acquire conventional design education, special user experience (UX) and interaction design (IxD) training and formal business studies. Additionally, being a compulsively organised person with a desire to be self-sufficient, I have picked up a few side-skills along the way. Project Management helps me get things done smoothly and in a timely manner. While Web Server Management knowledge enables me to deliver projects effectively.

My graphic design studies have equipped me with core design concepts such as colour theory, typography, branding and advertising etc. The UX and IxD courses gave me concepts on human-computer-interaction (HCI), usability, design psychology, user experience, design patterns, data visualisation and visual perception etc. Business studies, on the other hand, helped me understand how businesses work in terms of cost minimisation, profit maximisation, offline/online marketing, communication, business goals, targets, investments and their returns etc.

Because of this, I am not only able to design, but design successful products and services in a cost-effective manner that lead to end-user satisfaction, and prove to be profitable for the business.

I believe that design is the central node that connects businessmen to consumers, cost to returns and satisfaction to profits. Without intelligent design—there’s chaos.

Nadir Nasir

My profession started off as a hobby—something I did for fun—and that is why I am good at what I do. I consider myself a perfectionist, which, in a professional milieu, means that the quality of my creations tend to be of top quality. Take a look...

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